Your voice,
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I'm Michael, and I want to help you project your authentic voice.

I'm an educator, a leader, a coach, and a problem solver with more than two decades of experience helping individuals like you and organizations like yours unlock your communication superpowers so you can maximize your success.  Check out my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my background.

I believe that everyone's voice is unique and that every organization is most effective when it lifts all of those voices in harmony.  From honing your professional brand to cultivating your charismatic presence, from building inclusive organizational cultures to crafting effective strategies for motivating change, I can help you or your organization rise to new levels of success.

So how can I help you today?  Choose the help you need from the options below to learn more about the services I offer or click here to book a session.

Michael, I need to...

...better understand my reputation, identify my development needs, and clarify my values.
...create systems, policies, and practices to improve belongingness in my organization.
...craft communication strategies that drive changes in attitudes and behaviors. my confidence in public speaking and develop my charisma.

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Hogan Assessments and Coaching

Discover your reputation, identify your development needs, and clarify your values.

As a certified Hogan Assessment Systems coach, I can help you unlock your potential by ordering and interpreting the three primary assessments:

Hogan coaching sessions require that you complete all three of the assessments before we meet.  If you're interested, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page before booking your appointment.

Organizational Culture Improvement

Improve your organizational culture so that everyone, regardless of their background, experience, or identity, feels like they belong.

Even organizations with the best of intentions sometimes struggle to create cultures that truly embrace differences and celebrate everyone's unique voices.

Creating culture must be conscious, deliberate, and careful.  It can be hard work, but it's far from impossible and can even be fun!

I can guide you every step of the way, from taking the pulse of your organizational climate to exploring the right cultural fit for your organization to collaborating with you to create policies, systems, and practices that will turn your ideal culture into a reality.

Communication Strategy Development

Convince your key stakeholders to change their attitudes and behaviors using the right mix of messages and channels.

Every organization wants to communicate clearly and persuasively with its stakeholders, but very few do so effectively without some outside help.

From internal employee messaging to board interactions, from investor relations to government support, I can help you improve your relationships with the groups you most want and need to reach.

As a seasoned comms professional, I bring knowledge of the principles of influence and expertise in audience analysis and communication strategy formation to help you and your team take your comms to higher levels than ever before.

Public Speaking & Charisma Coaching

Build your confidence speaking in front of audiences and develop that rarest of executive presence traits: charisma.

The kids today call it "rizz", but charisma is a concept that dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks from their word for "gift".  Your charismatic presence can be the gift you give your audiences, but it's also a gift you give yourself.

Charisma exists at the intersection of warmth and confidence.  Most public speakers are gifted with one or the other.

I will work with you to identify your public speaking strengths and areas for improvement, then we'll collaboratively map out a plan to help you strengthen what you already have while developing what you don't.

We'll work together not just on what's going on in your head, but also how you can use your body to effectively convey both warmth and confidence.  We'll both fine tune your words and how you deliver them.

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Event Hosting and Speaker Services

In addition to the one-on-one or small group services above, I am also a seasoned emcee and an engaging speaker on a range of topics for larger groups.

If you're looking for a spirited host for your event or awards ceremony, or if you need an outside perspective to inspire your team, please reach out to start the conversation with me.